I'm looking for a tool, which keeps a history of opened windows. For example if I open the notepad, close it again, the tool should display that notepad.exe was closed at which time.

The reason behind this is because I've previously had cmd.exe windows pop up, which close themselves rather quickly and I have no way of telling what/why they did. Same goes for applications that launch an action and happen to pop up exactly where I wanted to click, accidentally closing the window.

I've searched for such a thing but couldn't find anything.

Does such a tool exist, can someone recommend anything?

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Firstly there is an inbuilt mechanism that Windows uses, as and can configure it as mentioned in this post: How can I get a history of running processes using your group policy editor.

Alternatively you can use this tool from Nirsoft: LastActivityView or ExecutedProgramsList depending on your actual needs.

LastActivityView is a tool for Windows operating system that collects information from various sources on a running system, and displays a log of actions made by the user and events occurred on this computer. The activity displayed by LastActivityView includes: Running .exe file, Opening open/save dialog-box, Opening file/folder from Explorer or other software, software installation, system shutdown/start, application or system crash, network connection/disconnection and more...


ExecutedProgramsList is a simple tool that displays a list of programs and batch files that you previously executed on your system. For every program, ExecutedProgramsList displays the .exe file, the created/modified time of the .exe file, and the current version information of the program (product name, product version, company name) if it's available.

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