I have asked this question first: What codec/capability is needed for a video player to play (French) TV stations as VLC does? (namely playing TV stations of the French provider Free) and I have received an answer saying that the main factor is RTSP support.

Therefore, I think this is the proper place to post this question, also with the partial purpose of posting myself an answer based on the linked question and its answer.

I am interested in Linux (mostly) but also Windows and Mac video players with that capability.

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In Linux: Beside VLC and Kaffeine (as I said in the linked question above), I have received an answer thereunder mentioning Totem player. I have also tested Dragon player, and it works, but is less useful, as it lacks a playlist display itself (therefore it can play separate TV stations saved as 1-item playlists but cannot display them as a list and help switch between them like other players can).

In Mac and Windows - I am not aware of another player except VLC.

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