I am looking for a software like Calibre that could manage my ebook library. Here are some features that I really need, some of them are not available from Calibre.

  1. Allow multiple clients access the library at the same time, either from cloud drives or built-in features. For built-in features, it should work without configuring router forwarding to handle external access.
  2. Allow adding books while some clients are reading. Calibre falls short on this one.
  3. Allow hierarchical categories/tag.
  4. Allow access from win7/win10/MacOS/
  5. Allow pdf format. Would be great if support djvu and epub as well.

Above features are what we need to share a library with our research team. I think it would be helpful to other groups, too.

  • "should work without configuring router forwarding to handle external access": That would mean cloud-hosted – as unless your computer is directly connected to the internet without a router between, this IMHO is technically impossible unless the application can reconfigure the router itself – which I'd rather think dangerous. // Apart from that, Mendeley could fit. Not using it myself, so i cannot say for sure, but worth a look. See here for other answers with Mendeley. – Izzy May 15 '18 at 6:01

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