I'm looking for a free or open source software able to convert Gmail MBOX email archives to Outlook PST archives.
It can be a Windows 10 or MacOS X software, I'm also open to x86/x64 Linux command line tools.

Thank you.

Follow these steps to convert Gmail MBOX to Outlook:

  1. Create a Gmail for connecting to Outlook
  2. Add your Gmail account to Outlook
  3. Copy and paste your Gmail messages to your desktop
  4. Copy your Gmail to your Office 365 mailbox
  5. Remove your Gmail account from Outlook

Visit this MS link for more information: Import Gmail to Outlook

There is a free Convert MBOX to PST utility available for Windows and Outlook. Please note that I'm one of the developers of this tool.

  • Interesting tool, easy to use. – Christophe May 21 at 15:50

You can import emails from Gmail .mbox files to .pst with different ways like manually, by IMAP. synchronization.

Some are asking for an MBOX to PST converter to do the needs work so easily. It helps you to convert all .mbox to .pst format without losing your data.

You can download tool from this site: http://www.recoverymails.com/mbox-to-pst-converter.html

I must recommend you one utility which helps you to import Gmail mails to Outlook as software allows you to convert MBOX files both from Windows / MacOS to Outlook profile. https://www.softweak.com/converter/mbox-to-pst.html

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