I'm looking for a DMS, preferably lightweight, with the following features:


  • Items stored in a logical hierarchical structure in DMS DB, albeit with tagging for easy searching
  • Stores documents on file system in a structure that reflects the above
  • Monitoring of folders, automatically adding new files to the DMS with whatever meta data can be gleamed from the file/location
  • Free (open source useful but not essential)
  • Customisable email updates when new docs matching names/locations/other meta data matches


  • SQL Server backend - already have on server
  • Windows client detects when you are dropping file on server and prompts for metadata
  • AD authentication
  • Front-end security matches NTFS permissions


  • .NET based or with an .NET API
  • OCR capability
  • Outlook/Office plugins

I think that Alfresco Community + CMISSync would cover many of my needs, but it looks horrendously complicated and I would only use a fraction of the functionality, and the whole platform is new and would not be useful to me elsewhere.

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Have a look at Nextcloud.

It has most of the features you are looking for and many plugins/apps in an Nextcloud App Store.

There is a windows integrations available (WebDAV) as well as email notifications for updated documents.

Even AD is available in the communit version.

  • Does it match the email updates when new docs matching names/locations/other meta data matches requirement? If yes, please describe how to set up a metadata match alert, thanks!
    – Nicolas Raoul
    May 1, 2018 at 9:40

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