I need a self-hosted issue tracker that

  • is written in PHP,
  • doesn’t require a database, and
  • is free/libre/open source.

Required features

  • An issue can have a category ("bug", "feature request", "support") and a status ("closed", "open", "on hold").

  • An issue can be commented.

  • Issues and comments can have image attachments.

  • Email notifications for new issues and new comments.

  • The list of issues can be filtered by category and status.

Nice-to-have features

  • When referencing issues/comments internally, the links should be relative (or there should be a config option to change the hostname) so that switching domains is hassle-free.

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You should have a look at Traq. It runs with the file based "database" Sqlite (look at the travis configurations).

It has a nice user interface and all the features you are looking for.

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