I am currently using TDI Console Works for baseline and configuration change detection, and it is, unfortunately, rather expensive software. I was hoping someone might be able to recommend an alternative that would serve the narrow use case I am using Console Works for.

Essentially, I just need something that can communicate with a device over SSH or telnet, run some commands I give it (such as "show run" for a Cisco switch), save those results as a baseline, and then continuously run that same command to see if the config has changed (basically just run a diff). If so, send some sort of alert and a syslog message to a graylog server.

Anyone have any recommendations? Preferable open source, but that is not mandatory.



You should be able to get this with cron or anacron, an SSH client, diff, and whatever program you want to use to send an alert. Use an (ana)cron job to periodically run a command like ssh user@server 'do-stuff && do-more-stuff' >/tmp/new-results; if ! diff -q /tmp/new-results saved-results; then alert-program "The results have changed"; fi.

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