I'm looking for a docker container for surfing the internet anonymously via I2P network inside the Linux container.

It should be easy to use and connect to I2P network on startup.

I could use ZedCode/docker-i2p (I2P dockerized), but it requires configuration of the local browser. What I require is to use commands inside the container such as curl.

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I2P comes with a Dockerfile. The quickest way to use it is to run:

docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/sh meeh/i2p.i2p

Then inside container, run:

/entrypoint.sh &
export http_proxy=http://localhost:4444/
export https_proxy=http://localhost:4445/

To test the configuration, run:

wget -O- http://example.com/
wget -qO- ifconfig.me
wget -qO- ifconfig.co/json

To configure different proxies, see: Docs and Ports used by I2P.

To run I2P node within Docker, just run:

docker run meeh/i2p.i2p

then it needs to be accessed through the exposed ports (e.g. from the browser or another container).

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