I am looking for a plain timer that runs on-screen without the need, or even ability, to connect to the web. I don't need project management, integration with any other applications or systems, or complex sorting and classification and project trees. Merely a list of tasks or activities that I want to "time" when I'm doing, or using, them and some way to start and stop the timer or switch to a different activity.

I have looked through the questions in the , , and tags, and found some that are more or less related, but no dupes, or acceptable answers. Of interest is What to use to track work time? (Linux) which is seems the closest to what I'm looking for with the exception that I prefer more distro agnostic, and don't require it to be in standard repositories. Looking at KTimeTracker screenshots, it looks like a lot more than I need, possibly too much to operate as I'd prefer. Free and standalone application for projects time-tracking, without an answer, needs a Windows-based app, and needs more functionality than I want. Also examined were Activity/time tracking which, while unspecified, got a Windows app recommendation, and needed away from the keyboard detection, which I don't need, Simple time tracking application specified web application, and Simplistic time tracking application extras needed, and answers involve, web access at some point.

The requirements the program/app must meet are :

  • Linux OS
  • Usable in KDE & Gnome
  • Free - as in beer
  • Preserve data between uses.
  • The ability to add/edit/remove timers at any time (loose of timer data when deleted is acceptable)
  • Multiple, exclusive, timers available at once
  • Fault tolerant (power loss shouldn't loose the current time for any of the timers, though nearest minute is acceptable)
  • Completely non-network and totally local.

Attributes that are not required, yet would be nifty are:

  • Free - as in speech, aka FLOSS (big bonus)
  • Disto agnostic (I use a multi-boot system with several distros of Linux)
  • Plain text storage of data and/or configuration (see distos above)
  • The ability to save, in CSV format seems possible
  • Configurable
  • Able to be used as a widget in Plasma
  • Collapsible to the panel or desktop icon
  • CLI launch-able
  • In common repositories

Attributes that are definite negative points are:

  • Non FLOSS (big hit)
  • Large screen footprint (screen real estate is precious)
  • Source only with odd dependencies (source is ok, just the dependencies)
  • Lots of bells & whistles that use system resources or get in the way of simple functionality

A mock-up of what it could look like is this

mock-up of app

Basically I like the Unix philosophy of doing one thing and doing it well. I'd like a time that does one thing, track the time, and does it well. How that data is used elsewhere doesn't matter to the timer.

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