For a presentation, I want the audience to guess a number (E.g. "What is the smallest prime number greater than 1000?"). It should be accessible through their phones. Since I want to make a game out of it, I need to be able to identify the first one who got the right answer. I am looking for one of the following two realizations:

  • Something similar to "Mentimeter's" open-ended questions. In this case, everyone in the audience submits as many guesses as they want, and the submissions are displayed for everyone to see, in real time, with the nicknames visible. I would then spot the first correct submission, and be able to identify the 'winner' by his/her nickname.
  • Alternatively, they could enter their guesses, but I provide the poll with the correct answer, and the website automatically identifies the winner once the correct answer has been entered, and stops the polling.

Important features would be:

  • Nickname are visible for every answer (e.g. I can 'switch off' anonymity)
  • every user can post multiple answers (they can guess till someone gets it right)
  • everyone can access the poll with his/her phone.
  • it's free.

I have looked at several options, but I couldn't find any platform offering the non-anonymity I need. I would appreciate any suggestions!


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