I need a video conference app (free if possible) to do series of video conferences (interviews) and record it on the hard drive of the interviewer.

  • The hard part: Each participant video feed/stream must be saved on separate files. This is for later video editing. For example, if it's a 1 on 1 conference, it should save 2 (or more) files: One for the interviewer and one for the interviewee.

  • Audio files can be separatly or not. I don't mind meanwhile they are the proper audio streams of each video.

  • MP4 compression would be nice, but not mandatory.

I already have tried Zoom but it does one single file of all the conference.

Windows is prefered. But I could run a Linux distro if the software meet my needs.

  • I'm looking for the same thing. – CreationTribe Jul 9 '19 at 17:54

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