I am looking for a free option that I can use to design my databases. The following features are a must:

  • Needs to be free or under $100
  • Able to generate SQL statements to generate the completed database. Preferably, this would support multiple DBMs (MySql, SQLite, etc).
  • Visual ERD editor
  • Support for unlimited tables

I do not need the program to actually read or manipulate the data; this is purely for designing/building purposes.

As simple as possible would be great because I don't need all of the enterprise-level features.

I have looked at many paid programs already, at least the ones offering free versions, and they're either too limited or too complicated for me and my needs.

SQL Developer Data Modeler This was just too complex for me; even after looking at a couple of tutorials, I could not even figure out how to add a single entity to my project.

Visual Paradigm This would crash upon launch every time; never got to try it.

DB Designer Fork This was the most promising, but crashed several times while working with it.

Are there any other options?


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