I've just started working on building a bigger system, and we're implementing a WebAPI for management and monitoring. The trouble is we don't have the time to build a full management website to begin with, and would also like to finalize the first version of the API before work on the management website begins.

What I'm looking for is a smaller web application that we could use to assist us with using the WebApi (testing, data input, etc).

So a couple steps would be:

1) Create a page ("Page1") with a parameter(ID). The page contains a form with these fields (drag drop, or something basic). When opened, use this GET WebAPI Url to populate the fields. Add a button to POST data back to this URL.

2) Create a page containing a data grid. When opened use this GET Url to populate the grid. When the column (ID) is clicked, use that ID and open "Page1".

and we could continue like that. Just something nice and simple (free / open source preferably). The more automatic the better. I hate fussing with / wasting time on HTML, especially on utilities that won't be used in the end production version. Database storage is not required. And the web site could store its customized pages in flat files. That part doesn't matter as long as it's easy to setup.

Thanks in advance.

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