since FF Quantum many old plugins does not works anymore so I'm looking for some tool to comfortably manage web browser bookmarks, here are my requirements:

Must have features:

  • support for (sub)groups (or labels, tags, directories) to which bookmarks can be organized
  • saving all actually opened tabs (e.g. to group named YY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS)
  • loading/opening all bookmarks from given group
  • storing bookmarks in online cloud
  • exporting from cloud to plain text (csv, xml)
  • Synchronization between: Windows, Linux, Android easy manipulation: moving one or multiple bookmarks from one group to another (drag & drop)

Optional features:

  • cross browser compatibility
  • finding duplicates or announcing when duplicate bookmark is going to be added
  • ability to rate bookmark (e.g. like grades in school)
  • ability to add notes to bookmark or groups
  • easy filtering: search by date, notes, rate, key words

PS: please note that if your favorite bookmark manager does not contain some requirement mention it in answer. I have some technical background so e.g. importing/exporting can be done via some scripting and I can maybe use some workarounds etc.

PPS: I'm wiling to switch to e.g. to Chrome if it is necessary.

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