Which software can be used to extract MP3 sound from both Facebook videos and YouTube videos?

It must run on Windows and be gratis.


Youtube-DL (https://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/) should fit the bill.

  • Despite the name, it downloads videos from a gazillion sites, among them (obviously) Youtube and FaceBook.
  • Usually downloads complete video with audio, but can download only audio (command line switch --extract-audio).
  • While it is a command-line program (specifially, a Python program), it is fully supported on Windows, and a Windows executable is provided (see homepage link above)
  • It is gratis (actually, free software, specifically Unlicense).

Note: To use option --extract-audio, you need to install ffmpeg, too. Just download an exe and put it into the folder of youtube-dl. See e.g. https://satuimrambles.wordpress.com/2016/09/27/how-to-install-youtube-dl-ffmpeg-and-rtmpdump-on-windowsmaclinux/ for details.

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