I'm looking for an Android app for combining several images into one, collage-like. This is less a question of finding such an app at all - the availability is overwhelming - but rather about identifying one that is a good match for my requirements.

Required Features:

  • combining any number (say, at least between 2 and 15) of images
  • no malicious/disruptive/intrusive ads (i.e. banners that take up some screen real estate in the app are okay, but full-screen popups in the app that easily get clicked accidentally, or ads that show up outside of the app, are not)
  • local processing on the device, i.e. no cloud service in the background, and purely based upon locally stored image files
  • if images get cropped, control over which part of the image is used
  • control over resulting resolution (or loss thereof)
  • resulting image gets saved to the device
  • at least some layouts where the total area of the resulting collage is fully covered by the individual images (maybe except for thin seams between the images)
  • minimum set of rights required for the features (presumably, nothing besides read/write access to local storage)

Nice to Have:

  • non-rectangular layouts
  • customization of inner layout border colours
  • optional freehand marking/highlighting
  • no ads
  • some way to create or use custom layouts

Not Required:

  • stickers or other clipart-like overlays
  • image editing such as brightness or colour saturation features
  • elaborate letterhead-style backgrounds to place images on
  • direct camera access
  • face recognition or other selfie-enhancement features
  • connection to any image hosting service or the like

For the sake of this question, features only available as in-app purchases should be considered as not included in the app (and should in turn not require any permissions that are not required for the basic features, anyway).

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