What I want is a proper UML tool for C++; I need the following features:

  • generation of class diagram from (complex) c++ source
    • including class members
    • showing members as relationships where possible
    • showing class hierarchy
  • support for stl shared/unique/weak ptrs (C++ 11)
  • possibility to rearrange/edit the resulting diagram
    • drag shapes around
    • filter visibility of individual members
    • hide destructors/operators to get a clear overview (nice if it could be toggled automatically, but doing this manually is also an option)
  • support for (multiple) namespaces

And would really like it if it could:

  • apply the changes to the existing code
  • integrate with visual studio
  • support forward declarations
  • support Qt, boost & stl
  • support multiple code directories
  • support preprocessor directives
  • export images
  • responsive user interface
  • usually I'm working under Windows but if a great tool is available for Mac/Linux I would still consider to use it

It's not that there aren't tools but I can't find one that suits the job yet; I'm at the start of a refactoring cycle where the structure and ownership of the data containers will change, which has a huge impact. I would like to make a design / change design plan to be sure that surprises are prevented as much as possible, in the end 90% of the existing codebase will be reused but the underlying structure with relation to threading would be different.

Kind Regards & thanks in advance

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