We are working on a project that streams multiple channels of ADC information to a Windows PC. Each packet has a payload of 768 samples acquired over about 4ms.

Final implementation of this project will be sending the data to a collection computer via UDP packets over Ethernet.

We are currently using a serial port connection from the PIC to the Windows computer for testing purposes. PIC Serial port is configured for 900k bits/second and we are using a FTDI high-speed serial -> USB converter to get the data into the PC.

The reason for using the serial port is that there is a very nice serial plotting software package available. Windows Serial Plotter displays multiple plots in real time. The problem is that we are missing a whole lot of samples between successive packets because the time required to send those 768 bytes of data is almost 15ms.

This serial port connection is for development purposes only - data transport in the final version will be via Ethernet.

What we are looking for is a software package running under Windows that has similar functionality to the SerialPlot program but that accepts input data from a UDP stream. I'm hoping that someone can tell us if something like this exists.

I debated posting this question here because it doesn't fall under the direct guidelines for this site. However, this is a tool that facilitates the design of our project and may also be helpful to others who are sending data via Ethernet.


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