I want to take a series of photos at full resolution so that I can manually edit them into a 4K time lapse video later. However all of the apps that are advertised as "time lapse camera" I tried on the Play Store simply output the video file directly. That removes a lot of image information and limits my editing later. Even worse, they only output full HD videos at most. Some do support 4K output after paying, but even then I have no way to do cropping or panning afterward

I once used a time lapse application that stores the image series in a video file with MJPEG codec, but it was incompatible with some later versions of Android. This app is also capable of capturing MJPEG videos but it was very buggy, and only supports 2048x1536

I also recall using some app that can take pictures even while the screen is off, so it consumes very little power, but somehow it doesn't run on my new phones several years ago, and seems like it was removed from the store

I just want an app that takes pictures at periodic interval. Currently I'm using open camera but the screen is on all the time so sometimes it gets very hot and hang up completely.

Are there any suggestions for that? A free solution is preferred, but I'm willing to spend some money for a great app that suits my needs.



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