I'm looking for a program that can convert audio files from NIST sphere format (SPH) to WAV.

Any license, operating system and price is fine.

I tried SoX (Sound eXchange) (free, CLI, Linux):

sudo apt-get install -y sox
sox file.sph file.wav

but with some files (e.g., WSJ speech recognition corpus) I did the message:

sph: unsupported coding `pcm,embedded-shorten-v1.1'

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You can use sph2pipe_v2.5 (mirror):

  • Free
  • open source
  • Linux, Mac OS X , Microsoft Windows

To use it on Microsoft Windows:

sph2pipe.exe file.sph file.wav

To compile on Linux (from the readme provided with the program):

gcc -o sph2pipe *.c -lm

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