I am looking for a quick and easy solution to setup a simple CMS. I looked around at some candidates listed below, but found nothing suitable so far.

I want to only support a single content type for a certain type of content. For the sake of explaining it assume that I want to manage books. We are going to develop some custom add-on code for processing the book data managed by the CMS. The system is going to be deployed via docker and I would like to be able to build a final image that can be deployed into production.


The following requirements should be met:

  • Runs as a docker container. I'd like to build a custom image including our extensions that is deployment-ready.
  • Provides a form to create an entry for a new book and edit existing entries of books
  • Lists all books and provides fulltext search through all data
  • Needs to have some extension possibility to add custom code for reacting to entry modifications
  • Free, preferably open-source

The following requirements would be nice, but are not strictly necessary:

  • File-based storage
  • LDAP support
  • Versioning / Auditing of entry modifications

Already considered

I already looked at the following options and found them to be lacking. I might be wrong on some of these of course.

  • Plone: it's like throwing a nuclear bomb on a problem as big as a hairpin. It has everything needed above, but the setup and learning curve are just in another world.

  • Drupal: seems to be hard to get a working docker instance for the full app. The standard image requires you to do all sorts of configuration and installation initially.

  • grav: lacks LDAP support and apparently editing of existing book entries is hard

  • pico: only hosts .md files, but no support for dynamic content creation

  • Providing fast full-text search is difficult if you have only file-based storage. Many ECM systems store everything in database. Some store the file blobs on the filesystem and the rest (content metadata, search index, user metadata, etc) in a database.
    – Nicolas Raoul
    Commented Mar 7, 2018 at 9:22

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  • Provides a form to add new "documents". You can customize document types (and their metadata) if you need.
  • Lists all, with folder hierarchy
  • Full-text search for supported file types
  • Custom actions: Involves modifying some Java code.
  • Docker has just been added (for now you need to build the Docker files but an image will be available soon): https://github.com/aegif/NemakiWare/tree/dockerize
  • Free and Open source: GNU Affero General Public License version 3

From the "would be nice" section:

  • Storage is done on CouchDB, not file-based
  • No LDAP support yet
  • Versioning is done, you can go back to a previous version
  • Auditing: No

Screenshot showing metadata and version history on the left, and custom metadata on the right (in Japanese sorry):

NemakiWare custom metadata

Disclaimer: I work for the company that makes NemakiWare.

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