I work at a locally-owned A/V store. Salesmen are largely responsible for booking installations/troubleshooting/etc. As a part of this, we ask salesmen to fill out a printed form with some universally applicable fields (customer name, arrival window, etc.), and some specific to each case (e.g. wall material). If there is any networking to do, we give customers a separate sheet to fill out with fields for network name/password, AppleID/password, and the like, so they can have this info ready for us when we arrive.

The current problem is that these forms are fixed, so, for example, every customer sees fields for AppleID whether or not they have Apple products. And every salesman is asked questions about steel studs vs. wood even if we're not wall mounting a TV. Customers (and some salesmen) often neglect to fill out the forms, as they don't see them as relevant.

Our dream is to either find a program that can, based on the answers given by the salesman, create printable forms with only the fields applicable to the given job. Google Forms, for example, is great for asking the right questions, but doesn't seem to have any way to use the answers to generate something else. Any ideas?


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