I'm looking for documentation generator tooling - whether open-source, gratis, or not, for programmable logic controller (PLC) code, i.e. the IEC 61131-3 family of programming languages.

By a documentation generator I mean something that produces documentation according to some templates, like Doxygen or Sphinx


I'm not sure if this is what you need because I don't know plc much. But you could have a look at PLC Software Control FPWIN Pro. Using FPWIN you could print variables, comments etc.. The download link is under the title "Software" at this link:

FPWIN Pro 7 download page

EDIT: You could create a virtual printer to save to a file.

Creating virtual printer on Windows

FPWIN Pro 7 options dialog

FPWIN Pro print result

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    I'm looking for a documentation tool where you can document the APIs - whether internal or external. Just dumping the variables etc. doesn't help by itself, even if you can add a "comment" to them. – Reinstate Monica Mar 30 '18 at 15:09

There is some mention of a Doxygen adaptation in the Generating Automatically the Documentation from PLC Code by D4T3 to Improve the Usability and Life Cycle Management of Software in Automation paper by Racchetti, Tacconi and Fantuzzi. I couldn't find any source code or products available based on this, though.

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