Is there a Windows 10 utility for "recording" the Clipboard to a (text-)file?

I looked Microsoft Store and there were hundreds of Clipboard-mangers and the likes, so I have no idea which one to pick. I would prefer free (gratis) software, and without "buy-in-app" to activate essential functions..

What I want to do, is to use "Copy Link" to copy some links (for YouTube-videos) to the Clipboard, and then save each link to a file; so I end-up with a text-file containing links - one on each line.

So are there any programs that let me "record" everything I paste to the Clipboard - either one item at a time (and removing it from the Clipboard), or the whole "Clipboard-history" for a given time?


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Ditto is a very popular Clipboard Manager that should do what you want.

You can download it free from their site: http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/

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