I need to find some Java tools that work similar to pandas in Python. pandas is a tool that provides high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.

I have a few .csv files in AWS S3 that store large amounts of data (like 80 MB). What I want to achieve is using Java, I want to make some data analysis on it, like joining data, processing it, merging together different columns from .csv file. I know that it’s easy to achieve in Python with the pandas library. But not sure, how hard is it to do in Java?

pandas, for example, has data structures called DataFrames, which is great for my use-case.

Note: I cannot use Python for certain reasons, because this goal that I'm trying to achieve should be as part of our DataPipeline, which is already written in Java.


You can try Weka. It is implemented in Java, has several GUIs and can be called via the command line, or by importing the package(s) into Java code.

Weka can import CSV files, but it works best with its own inputfile format .arff (= csv with a metadata header). There are csv2arff converter availabel but I use R to convert.


I've never used it, and I'm not a Java programmer, but Joinery looks like it trying to be like pandas but in Java. It even refers to pandas in its GitHub readme.


DataMelt software program is very similar to Pandas. This is a collection of scientific Java libraries that are all interfaced with Jython. It is well designed for data analysis and data mining.

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