We've got 1000+ users in our user-base, who mainly signed up using their e-mail and first and second name. Now we would like to better understand these profiles (e.g., by looking them up on linked-in etc.). Is there a tool which helps us automate this process of collecting potential insightful information based on the user-name, mail address and triangulate this with information form other sources (e.g., linkedin and other directories/company websites)?

Update regarding criteria:

Budget - preferrably freemium monthly subscription model with up to 100$ in fees

Platform - cloud-based to allow collaboration across locations and operating systems (windows/os)

Features - agreegrate Maximum of sources e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. potentially also other search results. Preferrably runs search’s automatically to be then reconfirmed by user; potential integration with email marketing tool (secondary priority)

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    Interesting question, but there is no 'best'. Please read this and edit objective criteria into your question. You are not even telling us what OS or what budget. – user416 Feb 22 '18 at 12:27

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