I'm running Debian 9 and I've installed several packages, which probably left behind other packages and configuration files (and general clutter).

I've already run apt autoremove --purge and apt clean, and used Synaptic to find any orphaned packages.

I do notice that Debian uses about 50 - 100MB in terms of RAM than before. I'm sure there are a TON of dependency and random library packages left over from when I installed some dev stuff to compile projects.

Any suggestions? The closest thing I can think of is CCleaner or whatever it's called, but it's not on Linux and the alternative doesn't seem to remove left over packages.

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Take a look at another package called deborphan. (Yes, installing another package to reduce your package count!)

deborphan looks for orphaned packages, that is, packages that have no link to your dependency tree (and so are safe to remove).


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