I need an HTML editor with the following features:

Required features:

  • Gratis
  • Runs on GNU/Linux, preferably tolerant to any desktop environment
  • Runs on x86_64 machines
  • Actively maintained or developed
  • Not very heavy (yes, I realize this is subjective; exercise judgement)
  • Some kind of visuality - either you edit the page the way it'll look when rendered; or there's a preview; or the HTML is visualized to make all of its structure accessible etc.
  • Never inserts any HTML which you did not clearly indicate you want in the document: extra wrapping spans, extra attributes of its own, all sorts of boilerplate etc.

Desired features:

  • Ability to see the page in its final, styled form
  • Inteface allows you to add any structurally-valid HTML, even if the editor/renderer doesn't know what it does/what it means (e.g. you can make <a id="some_id">blah</a> into <a id="some_id" foo="bar">blah</a>)
  • Rich text-editor-like functionality, the more the merrier
  • Runs on Windows too
  • Ability to edit the plain HTML source of segments of the document

Features which don't matter at all:

  • Support for dynamic content, e.g. Javascript, and its preview
  • Support for non-HTML markup languages

In a nutshell, you could say I'd like something like LyX but for HTML rather than LaTeX.


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