I'd like an iOS app that sets reminders (optionally) from voice commands that doesn't send my voice recordings to a remote server.

So I should be able to open the app, press a button, and say something like "Add notification. Check inventory of widgets at 3 PM on Monday" (NO fumbling around on a virtual keyboard or shuffling through menus - allow creation of reminder events solely from voice and edit them later if the translation's wrong). On Monday at 3 PM, the phone will wake up and pop up a notification with an alert noise.

Why the built-in apps are unsuitable:

  • Too much fumbling through menus per item in both Clock and Reminders. It takes me 2-3 minutes minimum, usually more, to set a reminder - due to how clumsy the UI is. If the tech was readily available I would ask for an electrode-based headband or hat where I can record reminders and notes at the speed of thought. Due to the lack of progress there I will have to settle for voice commands.
  • Have to use the clumsy and error-prone touchscreen keyboard or use dictation which sends your recordings to Apple.
  • Alarm clock app doesn't have an "alarm on timestamp" option, instead it has periodic "every this day of the week" setting which fits the task poorly
  • Reminders app has a scrolling timestamp picker to set the time of notification (slow and error-prone)

Willing to pay for an app that does this. The main requirement is privacy in mind. No web connectivity, the voice must be interpreted on the device. Obviously due to limited compute power, restrictions on the input format are acceptable.

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