I would like to put in place a self-hosted cloud storage solution (on Linux), which would allow for a global selective sync.

As an example, I would like that a directory called hello and *.jpg files are never synchronized, no matter the place.

I do not care about any other feature, the only hard requirements are:

  • global selective sync
  • server based on Linux
  • clients for Linux and Windows

The only solution which I found doing this is Mega.nz, but it is commercially hosted.

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i would definitely recommend Nextcloud, although i'm not 100% sure that i understand what your goal is...

  • first it is FOSS and therefor self-hosting (for sure on linux) is no problem.
  • dedicated FOSS-clients are available for linux, windows, mac, android, ios and even windows mobile. but also on other platforms, or if you don't like them, it shouldn't be a problem since file-exchange is done via WebDAV; so every WebDAV-client is fine.
  • a bunch of apps (expandable functions, like contacts, calender, tasks, mails, newsreader,...) do also integrate into resp. interact/synchronize with other applications flawlessly, since standard-protocols & -formats are used.

now regarding your special recommendation (global selective sync)...

  • either you use the client and deselect the unwanted folder and/or add the extension which should be ignored to the list in the settings. - i guess this isn't what you are looking for... but the other answer was about this; maybe this confused me a little bit.
  • or if you are the admin of the instance and don't want such a file/folder on your server at all, you should have a look at the Ransomware protection app. it is designed in first place for something other - as the name says - but i guess with this you can accomplish your goals.
  • if not, maybe take a look at the config.php's line 'blacklisted_files' => array('.htaccess'),, but only use/change it, if you really know what are you doing!

and the last advice i want to express is, if you are fine with the folder/files on your server, but want to restrict access (not just for some users, but for other special conditions) File access control is the app you should look at a bit closer.
i mention this, because hopefully you are aware of, that blocking before uploading just checks/works with the name of the files/folders (renaming and uploading will still be possible - or also the same pictures with a .jpeg-extension may exist...), but a check of the files on the server also works with mime-types for example.
--> maybe both checks/apps in combination will make sense to be on the safe side...

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