Add-in Express allows Delphi developers to create add-ins for Microsoft Office products (I am particularly interested in Outlook).

While this is an excellent product, I find the $349 price just a tad too expensive.

I am looking for and alternative for Delphi or Lazarus.

Preferably gratis, I could maybe go as high as $100, but would prefer not to.

I am thinking of:

  • adding buttons to the ribbon bar
  • generating dialogs / user input forms
  • accessing Outlook data, such as address book & calendar
  • accessing the Windows file system, for attachments
  • possibly generating & displaying reports directly in Office apps, like Outlook, with user interaction to tweak the reports

I am aware that I can generate VSTO and web-helper code from MS Visual Studio, but my C# is rusty. I suppose that I could fall back on Visual Basic (once learned, never forgotten :-)

But, I don't see the ease of development in VS that is available in Add-in Express.

If there is no answer for Delphi or Lazarus, I would be open to alternatives offering similar functionality.

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