There're the requirements/expectations:

  • ability to both backup to an external drive and update local copy from an external HDD
  • ability to produce non-compressed backup copy (the intention is to backup lots of images, those do not compress well anyway and it's time-consuming)
  • ability to detect differences and backup/update only changed/added/removed files, not the whole archive
  • ability to sync the folder structure as well
  • capability to pre-setup desired backups so as to simplify the process of backing up the data (basically, ability to start the backup / local update in one click)
  • user-friendliness. At least, after an initial configuration. End-user is not a computer-savvy person and not English-proficient either. So the software would preferably have icons and be generally easy to use
  • windows-based
  • (optional but preferred) free software

Essentially, there're 2 PCs with the same library of images and (separately) some documents. The intention is to keep a backup copy on a couple of external HDDs and, as changes may come from both PCs, use the HDDs to synchronise the library and documents among the PCs, while using the HDDs as a main backup.

So far I've tried several kinds of backup software and none was it. FBackup, for instance, failed to sync the same library from 2 PCs. Some other wouldn't produce non-compressed backup copies, another one could only backup the whole archive, not the changed files or could only backup files, but not the folder structure.

Thank you in advance.

  • Phew, I never synchronized 2 PCs that way, but I can only recommend bvckup2. You could check whether that to- and from-synchronization is fine for you during the trial period. It's really a fine tool. I purchased 5 licenses although I needed only 1, just to support the vendor. – Thomas Weller Jan 22 '18 at 21:24
  • @ThomasWeller, thanks, I'll definitely give it a go. The words "It's not a two-way sync" are a bit alarming though. – Korli Jan 25 '18 at 13:58

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