I want to convert a formatted text (I can come up with Rich Text, Word Document or HTML) into a graphics so that it looks like it were printed in a newspaper and then got scanned.

That software

  • takes a formatted text (limited formatting options: just a header style and text style, no colors) as input, either by reading a file (.DOCX, .RTF or .HTML) or via clipboard
  • generates a high-resolution graphics as output (.JPG or .PNG)
  • adds a (news)paper-structure as background
  • performs a dot raster operation on the image
  • ideally adds some typical newspaper columns
  • ideally applys newspaper fonts (like Serif fonts for text and non-serif fonts for titles)
  • adds some rotation / distortion so that it looks like inserted in the scanner at a slight angle (~0.5 to 1.0 degrees is enough)

I want it to

  • work on Windows 10
  • be gratis
  • work offline (without Internet connection)



Input document


Output image

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    This is old news, I read that in the NYT last week lol. With 3000 flags per day to handle I expect the impact on my career to be very negative ;-) – Nicolas Raoul Jan 19 '18 at 3:15

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