I am running a Samsung S7 Edge on Android 7.0 non-rooted. What I am looking for is essentially a vault or encrypted space on my phone requiring a passcode or passphrase to access. Furthermore, I am looking for an application that is capable of ascertaining images (via HTTPS) on my local LAN.

What I wish to do is open up an image, or file to the local LAN via a Web URL (Let's say, and use the application to directly access said file, and store it in an encrypted manner within the app.

If I was to save a photo for example, I would want to bypass the Gallery/Google Photo application entirely and store the data directly into the app; sort of an incognito mode, but for files.


  • Run on Android 7.0
  • Does not require root permissions
  • Must allow me to export images, files and videos at certain times


  • Backup facility (of the storage)
  • Cross platform, with Linux
  • 2 step authentication perhaps (via email)
  • Developers have a good reputation
  • Only allows connections to known hosts/IP (I don't want this app being able to communicate anywhere else apart from where I state)

Presently I am using "Audio Manager" for my download needs, however the application has many complaints of data being lost.

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