Looking to convert a document written in JSPWiki format to a file written in any format supported by pandoc.


  • Preferably CommonMark or basic HTML output.
  • No attachments.
  • No predefined server connections (i.e., doesn't attempt to pull/push to/from any Wiki servers).
  • Preferably Java, PHP, Lua, or Haskell
  • Preferably Windows, but Linux (Cygwin) also works

An example run:

wikiconvert --input jspwiki --output commonmark < jspwiki.txt > common.md

Web Page

The HTML generated by JSPWiki does not itself abide by its own rules. For example:

!!! Title



However, !!! is supposed to be <h1>, and there are likely other inconsistencies for direct copy/paste conversion from HTML.


Conversion attempts were made using the following software packages:


Given a text document written using JSPWiki Markdown format, how can the page be translated into a different format (supported by pandoc or XWiki)?

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Requisite software includes:


Download and install the requisite software as per normal application installation.

JSPWiki 2 DokuWiki

Install JSPWiki 2 DokuWiki as follows:

  1. Download jspwiki2dokuwiki-0.3.tgz
  2. Extract into $HOME/bin

The script is installed.

DokuWiki 2 MediaWiki

Install DokuWiki 2 MediaWiki as follows:

  1. Download dokuwiki2mediawiki.php into $HOME/bin.

The script is installed.


Convert JSPWiki pages to DokuWiki using a terminal as follows:

  1. Edit a JSPWiki page.
  2. Copy the text.
  3. Open a text editor.
  4. Paste the text.
  5. Make directories for $HOME/documents/in and $HOME/documents/out.
  6. Save the file (e.g., $HOME/documents/in/filename.txt).
  7. Change to: $HOME/bin/jspwiki2dokuwiki-0.3.
  8. Run: perl migratepages.pl $HOME/documents/in $HOME/documents/out

The document is converted from JSPWiki to DokuWiki format.

Convert DokuWiki pages to MediaWiki using a terminal as follows:

  1. Change to: $HOME/documents/out
  2. Run: php $HOME/bin/dokuwiki2mediawiki.php filename.txt`.

Convert MediaWiki pages to HTML as follows:

  1. Change to: $HOME/documents/out
  2. Run: pandoc -f mediawiki -t html filename.txt.mod > filename.html

The file filename.html is created.

The resulting HTML file can be pasted into the WYSIWYG editor used by XWiki and will be converted to XWiki's Markdown format.

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