I work in a team of 5 developers. We would like to enforce a code style from now on. However we cannot find a suitable Bitbucket Cloud integrations. If we had Bitbucket Server Code Review Assistant would be an excellent choice.

We use PHPStorm and its Code Style, however we cannot easily see if a Pull Request follows the PSR-2 style without checking it out and analyzing every file by hand. Besides older code is not yet expected to follow the style (we're talking about a 10+ year old project). Any suggestions how to do this? I was thinking about maybe some git hook or Bitbucket pipeline.

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I know this tool : https://github.com/phpro/grumphp which is pretty cool. It works as a composer package and uses git hook.


I use phpcodesniffer, phpcs.

There is a Visual Studio Code Editor extension available for it.

See there for installation of the extension and the tool itself.

The finetuning of the linter configuration can be very awkward though. But it does auto-format on save and enforce PSR-2 style when the Visual Studio COde project is open.

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