I've got several .sketch files created on Mac OSX by a designer. Now I want to open them on my machine with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. Alternatively I could also open them using an app in my Ubuntu 16.04 VM (via VirtualBox) if needed.

  • Must have: can view .sketch files created on latest version of Sketch for OSX
  • Must have: gratis
  • Must have: software works on Windows 10 or Ubuntu
  • Should have: software works on Windows 10
  • Nice to have: ability to edit files
  • Nice to have: printing (parts of) sketch files

Initial Google searches led me to "Icons8", but on their download page some extremely dodgy nsfw advertisements caused me to pause and ask for a recommendation here.

I also tried viewing the Sketch files straight in the Dropbox account (via Chrome) they were shared in, but that gave me a low-resolution mashup of all different screens in one big picture-like document, which wasn't very useful.

So I ask: what would you recommend?

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This seems to be the proprietary native file format of Sketch, a program by Bohemian Coding that's only available for Mac OS. It's unlikely that anybody has put the work into reverse-engineering this format so you can open the files on some other operating system. It's a vector-graphics format, so ask your designer to export the file to a standard vector-graphics format like SVG, EPS, or PDF.

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    Thanks for taking the time to answer. Not sure if it's that "unlikely" though because web searches turn up quite a few results. It's just that the main option seemed sketchy and/or that I don't know which options would fit my requirements. (Leading me to ask the question.)
    – Jeroen
    Jan 9, 2018 at 16:56

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