I am looking for an (preferably open source) web based asset manager with the following features:

  • Download and upload files (images/video/audio/documents)
  • Create different categories
  • Create users and assign permissions (not all users should be allowed to upload)
  • Ability to post news / blog posts
  • Social feed either Twitter or Facebook

Nice to have but not necessary:

  • Ability to use Azure for file storage

Is it not a problem if it is not free though I prefer an open source solution so I can customise it in the future if necessary.

Preferred technology is either ASP.NET or PHP (simply because I am familiar with those).

My intention is to use this software to create a community website.

So far I found:

  • http://www.filerun.com/ - will require to build a website around this for posting news, and adding social media feeds, only problem is that it's not open source.


Ended up going with wordpress and this plugin https://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-demo/wp-file-download/


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Recently, I asked a similar question about cataloging a collection, but it had very similar requirements. It was recommended to use Drupal. I set up a Drupal site in a few minutes, and then I customized the content types very quickly.

I suggest looking at Drupal because:

  • It has built-in photos, and with the right module you can do all kinds of uploads.

  • Different categories can be implemented with different content types or simply with a field that specifies which category something's in.

  • It has user permissions that allow different content types for different users or roles.

  • News and blog posts are built-in.

  • "Social feed either Twitter or Facebook" - I've never done this, but I see multiple modules for this.

  • "Ability to use Azure for file storage" - Again, I've not done this, but there is a module for Azure storage.

  • It's based on PHP.

  • Thank you, your solution does seem to fit the bill. I have been looking at wordpress as well which offers similar functionality. Leaving the question open for a bit longer because i am still hoping for a out of the box solution.
    – Shikyo
    Commented Jan 8, 2018 at 18:47

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