Are there any Java libraries that allow me to generate DDL from Java code using a typesafe builder pattern, or similar?

Something along the lines of:

String sql = DDLGenerator.createTable("MY_TABLE")
                         .withPrimaryKey("my_id").ofNumberType().withPrecision(2, 2)

I'm not looking for an ORM solution such as Hibernate nor a database migration solution such as Liquibase or Flyway, nor a tool that works with an existing schema.

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jOOQ provides a DSL for creating tables:

Connection conn = ... //code that creates a DB connection
DSLContext create = DSL.using(conn, SQLDialect.ORACLE);
    .column("my_id", SQLDataType.DECIMAL.precision(2, 2))
    .column("name", SQLDataType.VARCHAR.length(30).nullable(false))
    .withPrimaryKey("my_id").ofNumberType().withPrecision(2, 2)
    .on("MY_TABLE", "name")

See Wikipedia.

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