I am developing games in Java. I prefer extendable and high-level game frameworks–but nonetheless, I have tried many low-level bindings too. So these are the ones I have used/researched about. Some pros and cons listed below are just educated guesses, so please point it out if anything is wrong.



  • High-level
  • Easy to use
  • Good Documentation


  • Lacks powerful low-level bindings such as OpenGL bindings.
  • Pretty slow compared to other OpenGL-based options.



  • Powerful
  • Very easy to adapt OpenGL code
  • Easy to create a wrapper for


  • Weird documentation/support
  • Small user base



  • Very easy to use
  • LWJGL wrapper, very powerful
  • Similar to Java2D
  • Perfect for my needs
  • Big user base
  • Good support


  • Dead since 2 years ago
  • Uses an old version of LWJGL, and therefore an old version of OpenGL
  • Not recommended by many people, for the cons above



  • Recommended by many people
  • Big user base
  • OK Support/Documentation


  • y-up
  • y-up
  • y-up
  • Weird
  • Feels really uncomfortable
  • 1 line, glOrtho(...), in normal OpenGL turns into 3 lines OrthographicCamera... blah blah blah
  • Many projects for 1 game is a bit weird
  • Requires me to use the project setup manager

So, to put it shortly, can you recommend me a Java game framework/API/whatever that...

  • Supports both low-level bindings and high-level wrappers of them
  • Supports direct OpenGL calls
  • (Optionally) Has an inbuilt game loop and collision detection
  • Supports basic features regarding sprites
  • Has good documentation/user base
  • Is alive and well-maintained

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