I am in process of trying to select a message queue implementation for Linux that would support:

  1. persistence, preferably using Sqlite3, but could be another backend or filesystem;
  2. thread-safety;
  3. recoverability: items can be read after process restart.
  4. Python bindings for at least Python 2.7;
  5. being as simple to use as possible (explained below);
  6. would be reasonably good long-term choice in the sense that it (1) has an active community and (2) has ongoing development/support;
  7. preferably have a version included in any recent Ubuntu LTS (eg. Ubuntu Xenial)
  8. preferably queues are also accessible via network.

At the moment I have looked at RabbitMQ with pika for python bindings and persist-queue.

I like persist-queue, as it supports requirement 1-5; it is extremely simple -- it needs no broker, no specific setup etc. I am, however, totally unsure how reliable and how good a long-term choice it could be, as I see there is only a single developer and there is no usage info.

RabbitMQ looks like a mature product, which supports the requirements 1,4,6,7,8, but the concepts of channels, routing keys and exchanges are sort of surplus to my requirements. I do not know if it supports 2 and 3, but I assume it does.

I have found several older questions dealing with message queue software, but I wonder if by now there is anything new I should have a look at, which would meet my requirements.

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