For handling JSON in Java, the following specifications have been published by the JCP:

Built on top of those is the specification for JSON-to-Java data-binding:

Are there any implementations of these APIs?


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Reference implementation

JSON-P is the reference implementation for JSR 374 (& 353). May or may not be a competitive one, in terms of feature and performance. This code is included as a part of Glassfish, the reference implementation of Java EE.

For the binding spec, JSR 367, the reference implementation is Eclipse Yasson.



Besides the reference implementation shown in correct Answer by Yu, another implementation of JSR 353 is Genson. See the project page and the GitHub page.

While I have not used it, the documentation claims to be a complete implementation of JSR 353. I do not know if it has been updated to the follow-up spec, JSR 374.

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