Now when I say ebook reader, I mean something that can view PDF and EPUB files but still maintain the level of design that Kobo Desktop has.

I am looking for software that can be used with Ubuntu. Preferably free and open-source, but not a requirement.

Some features I am looking for:

  • A library to view books
  • Easily add books to your library
  • Display the covers of books nicely in the library
  • Bookmarks
  • Page notes
  • Ability to sync with a connected ebook device (not a requirement)
  • In-app dictionary (if possible)

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Calibre is a very popular ebook management software. It fulfills all of your requirements, barring in-app dictionary.

I will draw particular notice to the ability to drag and drop ebook files in to the application to add them to your library. This works great and I use it all the time.

Beyond that, its other notable features are the ability to subscribe to periodical webfeeds, and have them made into ebooks. It also has a very powerful ability to convert between formats.

It is also available as an ubuntu package, though it is quite out of date, it is still very functional (and should meet all your requirements). The author recommends using the version from his site.

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