Right now I often print a lot of pages. About 100-200 pages front and back. Is there a tool or something I can do to add a delay between N-pages when printing on windows to rest the printer cartrigde? I'm using Canon MP 287 (Canon using thermal print)

  • Which program are you using? Word? Excel?
    – onurcano
    Commented Dec 10, 2017 at 3:16
  • I print PDF. I've search to customize print spooler but no result.
    – Frizky
    Commented Dec 10, 2017 at 4:33

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It would be tedious but maybe.

  1. Set the print queue to pause.
  2. Print in number of pages of delay, in batches say 1-10, then 11-20, 21-30, and etc
  3. Pause all the jobs
  4. Resume the queue with the jobs still paused.

prnjobs,vbs is included with at least windows 7 and 10 C:\Windows\System32\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US>cscript prnjobs.vbs

list all jobs cscript prnjobs.vbs -l

Then resume one batch at a time. cscript prnjobs.vbs -j -p -m

A copy of prnjobs.vbs could be made under a new name and modified.

Modify to automatically list all jobs
Resume 1
Sleep for ### seconds
resume next job

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