I intend to teach some OOP methodology but everywhere I look, there are only syntethic examples and elaborations of various concepts of the OOP world (for example: what is inheritance, how to use interfaces).

Like this or this.

What I'm looking for is a tutorial of how to solve a "real-world" problem (can be fictious) but with all (or most of) the steps of these:

  • How to analyze the problem?
  • What are the objects?
  • What should be taken care of?
  • What classes should be created?
  • What pattern is recommended?

I found a good book online but it is way too detailed to be a quick guidance - though not a bad start. Nevertheless, I'm looking for a shorter and more practice-oriented approach.

As you can see, I'd like to have a tutorial that teaches OOP as a whole and not its parts.

Do you know any example that has this kind of tutorial structure?

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