I realize that WebAssembly is in its infancy still, but , as I normally code embedded C (and, occasionally, C++) for a living, I would like to get started. It will be very interesting for me personally to see how I can use it with AngularJs.

Does anyone know of a IDE which supports http://webassembly.org/?

Must have

  • supports C
  • lets me set breakpoints and stop in the C code, examine stack, examine & change variables, all the usual debuggy things
  • free for commercial use (in case I decide to use it on a side gig)
  • runs on Windows

Nice to have

  • runs on Linux
    • normal IDE features, such as auto-complete, refactoring, etc, etc

I am not asking for too much, as it is very early days yet. I would prefer it if you have actual experience of your recommendation, rather that having simply Googled for it.

[Update] a stand-alone IDE may not be necessary (eventually). Point 6 of this article says

Fact 6: Source-maps will allow you to easily debug compiled code in the browser

One of the downsides of a compiled target-language is that debugging usually gets harder. If you have played with any language that currently translates to JavaScript, you might have experienced debugging hell when trying to mentally map the resulting code to your original code. WebAssembly aims to be a great platform for other languages, so a solution for this is already being developed. Much like current native compilers, WebAssembly will allow for debugging information in its binary format along with source maps. Source maps will tell browsers and debuggers how to map the generated code to its original source representation. Easy debugging is part of the WebAssembly spec.

[Update++] I found [this question)(Looking for a solution to run Python the browser) which made me want to search for a webassembly IDE, which led me to stumble over this old question, which never received any feedback. Surely there is some webassembly IDE?



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