1. Summary

I don't find anti-theft Android application, that would work against thieves:

  1. that can install new ROM,
  2. that can to make Hard Reset.

2. Expected behavior

1. Requirements

  1. Not a big price; ideally, if gratis;
  2. Android 5.1.1 compatible;
  3. User can get location of smartphone, use remote access;
  4. Blocking smartphone and notice to another phone, if SIM card changing;
  5. Protection, if thief install a new ROM (for example, Anti-Theft disallow USB debugging and entering in Recovery mode);
  6. Anti-Theft not deleted, if thief make hard reset/factory reset;
  7. Autostart by smartphone start;
  8. Not killing program process, if user use task killers;
  9. Not attracting attention is the name of the program in lists of programs; ideally — possibility of custom name.

2. Desirable requirements

  1. Active development;
  2. Notice with smartphone location to another phone before Anti-Theft deleting;
  3. Not attracting attention is the name of the process in process managers; ideally — possibility of custom name.
  4. Remote access to front camera photo and audio of smartphone.

3. Do not offer

  1. Please, do not offer applications with big price as Reptilicus, Cerberus, Android Monitor.
  2. Please, do not offer applications, that not protect smartphone, if theft install new firmware or make hard reset (most programs that I tried).


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