I play a game that uses WASD for movement that also uses Q and E for abilities.

With this hotkey setup, I cannot hit E while moving up and to the right (holding down W and D), because both those fingers are being used. I have to momentarily stop moving to do this.

Instead, I'd like to be able to map Shift+M2 (M2 = Right mouse button) to E, so I can cast it without ever having to take my fingers off WASD.

The game does not let me do this. That is, it doesn't allow for modifier keys to be added to abilities in the game settings.

I am looking for a program or solution that allows me to perform this remappping. That is, a tool that can map Shift+M2 to E.

Ideally, this would be easy to toggle on and off so that I can disable it when I stop playing.

I'm using Windows 10.

Is there a way to do this that isn't just writing a script in a language like AutoHotkey? I'd prefer something more low-level and tailored, as AutoHotkey has been finicky in the past for me with this problem.

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Autohotkey is able to remap keys and keycombinations at will with few restrictions, as far as I know.

You just have to write a simple script for it.

Whether it will work well or at all inside your application/game or not is another matter.

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