I am aware of this question, however, I am explicitly requesting UML 2 support.

Must have

  • free license, for commercial use
  • support for class diagrams
  • and message sequence charts
  • and state diagrams
  • code generation for C++
  • Windows support

Nice to have

  • other diagram types (especially use cases & activity)
  • round trip editing
  • code generation for C
  • code generation for PHP
  • the ability to draw diagrams from textual input (see, for instance YUML).
  • Linux support

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I haven't tried it, but BOUML looks like a good tool. It is quite well documented for a free tool.

Must haves: free class diagrams communication, state and sequence diagrams code generation for C++ Runs on Windows

Nice to haves: Use case, activity, Object, component and deployment diagrams C++ generator, reverse, roundtrip C generator PHP generator, reverse, roundtrip runs under Linux

Extras: Java generator, reverse, roundtrip Python generator, reverse, roundtrip Idl generator MySQL generator, reverse expandable via addons (plugouts) addon (plugout) to generate C++ state machine from diagram

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    This looks very good. I think that I will use this for my Visual editing and code generation. I also asked about taking input from text files (so that I can code my own tools to generate these text files, then generate UML from them). That ought to have been a separate question. If anyone reading this is interested, there can be no doubt that the answer is PlantUML
    – Mawg
    Dec 1, 2017 at 7:27

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