I have a Kindle Fire 1st Generation, and there is no way to take screenshots using the Power and Volume buttons, like there is in newer version of the Kindle Fire.

I need a good app that lets me take screenshots while I am using other apps, browsing the web, etc.

I would prefer something that is lightweight and does not have a large list of unneeded permissions. I also need something that doesn't require root access, if possible.


Drocap2 is what I've used for quite a time, until the "native screenshot method" was introduced to Android. Though it hasn't been updated for quite a time, it always did a good job. Pre-condition is a rooted device.

Drocap2 gives you the choice of multiple triggers, including a timer trigger (countdown to X before "shooting") and a shake-trigger (does a screenshot when you shake the device). These actions can be activated via the notification area, where the service "sits".

Shake Trigger activation Options
Activating the Shake Trigger (left), preferences (right; click images for full-sized variants)


For a root required fix to this problem, you can download screenshot. This app is free.

Screenshot allows you to shake your device to take a picture of your screen without having to touch any buttons. Just simply set it up, enable it, and take screenshots to your heart's content!

screenshot of the settings screenshot of enable detection
Screenshots of settings (left) and enable detection (right; click images for full-sized variants)


I would recommend Android Screencast.

It works without root, but requires you to connect to a computer via USB.

It is Open Source.

Your phone's screen is shown on the computer's screen, so you can take screenshots with your OS' normal screenshot method (I agree a more direct feature would be better).



For a non-root fix to this problem, you can download No Root Screenshot. This is a paid app. There is also a trial version available here

This app has some restrictions. You have to connect to a computer to set it up and you have to do so everytime you restart your phone. You shake the device to take a screenshot.

Screenshot of setup instuctions Screenshot of windows setup
Screenshots of setup instructions (left) and windows setup (right; click for full-sized variants)

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